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These images are intended to analyze the concept of captivity.

An animal embodies nature's need to express itself by entrusting it with a role,

which is represented by its appearance.

Its appearance and role are fundamental for the interaction with other living beings in the biodiversity system.

Captivity, on the contrary, is a state of forced transition in which the animals that suffer it can no longer express themselves.
Their new purpose is an artificial purpose, it becomes a mere interpretation for the human observer, who will project the idea of ​​the animal observed in captivity with that of the same animal in the wild. This splitting causes the loss of the identity of the caged animal, which is the very essence of captivity.
I focused on the beauty of the subjects photographed and on their shapes.

In fact, although their aesthetic is actually the reason for their state of captivity, it is at the same time all they still have, their true identity, which allows them to still be connected with nature and not be considered just a simple human entertainment.
It is a limbo.
These animals are kept in captivity at the Tierpark zoo in Berlin.

Pigmentprints 30cm x 40cm

freelance photographer

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