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Dream (last night)

It is the story of a dream between a man and a woman. The male part represents the awakening and the consciousness, which tries to interpret the references (signs) to give them a logical sense. The female part is the subconscious and the dream.
It represents the separation from the daily interpretations and references that elevates us to a state of higher universal consciousness. 

The dreams, breaking the timeline we are used to, leave us at the mercy of their enigmatic references, making us understand how much they know about ourselves. 

We are temporal beings created in eternity and despite this, we intend the eternal as a matter of time. 

Pigmentprints 30cm x 40cm

Me: Hello.

Her: Hello.

Me: I dreamed of you last night, or at least I think it was you.

Her: It is said that if you dream of having sex with someone, this will never be the person you really want.

Me: Why are you talking about sex? I didn’t say that.. I dreamed of you, that is all.

Her: Because I know you..
Go ahead.

Me: I couldn’t see your face, everything was very confusing, except for what I felt and what I thought you were feeling too.
The sensation of not understanding each other. I was trying,
but you were impenetrable.
Any concept I wanted to express was impossible to communicate to you.

You had regressed to a primitive state.

Do you know what phylogeny is?

Her: …

Me: The process of branching the lines of descent into the evolution of life.

Her: You mean you see me like that, involute?

Me: Here or then?

Her: What are you talking about? Tell me now.

Me: ..I wake up at night.. and the concept of entropy begins to define itself in my head,

the definitive end. There will be a time when even the last stars, surpassed their

stage of white dwarfs, will become nothing more than burning embers.

There will be no more energy to burn, not even a single light and time will stop,

because the time itself will die.

..and the past, although full of life, won’t make any difference because it will be forever gone.
When that happens, my heart beats and I jump out of bed,

crawling away, crushed to the floor, with a bitter taste on the tip of my tongue.
Asking for help. Wondering where I will be after my death,

what will I do for that infinity?

Her: Like put out cigarettes.. or not yet..

Me: What?

Her: The dying stars.. like the remains of smoked and crushed cigarettes.. I'm sorry you see life like that.

Me: Wait.. yes.. In the dream.. I remember.. you were smoking.

..It seems you know what I saw.

Her: In the dream, now, or both?.. it hardly matters, no difference.

We both understand only two things. To fuck and to smoke.
Put it this way, I offered you a smoke. I gave you the chance to turn time at your leisure,

rekindle dying stars.

Each cigarette you smoke, virtually extends your life indefinitely, because you feel alive, by witnessing your own death. 

With sex it’s the same thing: you always have to give something of yourself, to feel good. 

Your energy, what you feel. Your semen, your sweat, the calories for a smile, your lungs.

The universe has given itself for your eyes.

But don’t feel alone,

it is also given for those of many others like you..

freelance photographer

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