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From the vibrant festivities of Bangkok during Chinese New Year to the serene fishing communities of southern Cambodia and the misty mountains of northern Vietnam, this documentary captures the diverse lifestyles and traditions of Southeast Asia's inhabitants. In bustling metropolises like Phnom Penh and Hanoi, residents seek respite from urban chaos through simple activities like fishing and walking around the West Lake. In contrast, the remote villages of Hà Giang province reveal the aspirations of young people amidst challenging environments.

The salt fields of Traeuy Kaoh in Cambodia highlight the economic significance of salt extraction, while the rice fields of Ninh Bình, Vietnam, showcase age-old agricultural practices against the backdrop of the historic Bái Đính temple complex. In Sa Pa, the daily lives of the Hmong ethnic minority unfold, revealing their resilience and cultural heritage through agriculture and craftsmanship.

Tragically, the Ha Giang loop's treacherous paths remind us of the dangers faced by locals, while the practice of early marriage underscores the urgent need for social reforms. This photographic journey offers an intimate look at Southeast Asia, capturing both its beauty and the challenges faced by its people.


This series is currently undergoing editing and updates


Pigmentprints 30cm x 40cm

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